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Utawarerumono the game

Of all the H-games i have played before [which isn't much btw, compared to
sora_nao], Utawarerumono's probably the best. Partially because
it isn't the usual visual novel where you spend the whole time clicking
next next next next until you reach the decision section.

Utawarerumono incorporates one of my favorite genre- SRPG/TBRPG.
Strategy or also known as Turn based RPG. And sometimes referred as
Tatical RPG. Basically, chess with characters. I'm a huge fan of this genre,
and to be able to control Hakuro, Eruru, Aruru on Mukkur, etc in a SRPG
setting is a dream come true.

Now if only there's a Mai-Otome SRPG. I'll swear i'll never dance to Haruhi's
ED again. Lol just kidding.

Having said that, you'll probably picture Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea
with Utawarerumono characters. So where does the H-elements come in?
It comes pretty much later in the came when you have already more or less
established yourself.

I'm not going into details to prevent spoiling Utawarerumono for those who
don't play the game, but i can tell you one thing for sure- The story is fricking
crazy. If the anime is going to follow the game, there's going to be plenty of
wars, fights, blood, sex. Okay, maybe not sex.

But still, what we have seen so far, episode 5 for me- is just the tip of the
iceberg. Utawarerumono is far deeper then what the current episode has
for us.

If you haven't started watching Utawarerumono, i strongly advise getting it.
After playing the game, i can't wait to see how it will be transformed into the

Anyway, gameplay is relatively simple and the AI isn't exactly the most
intelligent AI around. But it doesn't stop me for enjoying myself. It's mostly
click and attack, and a couple of stats to add and also combo skills to use.
Pretty much no brainer, though trying to figure the japanese words were
a bit of a pain to find out.

sora_nao has written a short FAQ for the game, for people who
want some help on it. sakura_no_kage sensei, can you help me
verify whether he made the correct translation for the stats part? ^^

I'm about 50-60% completed for this game. I'll probably replay it again
once i complete this because it's just soooo fun.

Anyway, here are some screenshot from the game. Spoiler free, provided you
watch until episode 5. I only captured the front part of the game since i restarted
because i added the wrong stats during the first time i played. It's also Work Safe.
No H-scenes whatsoever. Just the game.

The "Tutorial" game. Pretty straight forward battle.

And Eruru joins the party later on. She's the only healer in the game, and she can't heal herself.
It's a pain to keep her alive.

The usual grid system 4 way attack style.

Some of the attack animations.

Eruru cannot attack, her 4 way attack points are healing points. And yeah, she can't heal from far.

The healing animation.

The exp page at the end of a battle. According to sora_nao, the first button is to add Combo,
the second is add STR, the third is to add DEF and the last one should be for MAGIC. Not confirmed.
sakura_no_kage sensei, can help check for me? ^^

And when you're not battling, you follow the story.

Remember this bastard?

And i suppose everyone remembers this scene, Eruru comes to Hakuro and informs him that gramps
is missing.

Oboro is his nifty outfit.

And Yuzuha, she's supposed to blind but she has a habit of opening her eyes sometimes in the game.

Some of the choices to make to go to the different places. There's a particular pattern to click in order to
unlock certain places, but i'm mostly randomly guessing.

Aruru and Gramps.

I wonder who this is. Lol. Mukkur's mom.

The two running away from Mukkur's mum. Remember that episode?

Eruru tells you that she needs to pee. Lol just kidding.

And while we have Mutikapa the white tiger after my character's ass, i have to worry about stupid monkeys.
Why weren't there monkeys in the anime? Rofl.

And if you remembered, water is what she's weak at.

Oboro and Benwari fight. Pretty awesome drawing i must say.

And the famous scene. The Chief dies.

Oboro goes mad at breaks into that fat guy's place

And we have to bail his ass out.

And then start the Civil War.

And after nearly getting my ass razed by Benwari and gang, Aruru rides Mukkur and saves the day.
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