Anime Desho Desho?

Okay, i have officially moved into my new blog now.
Will be washing my hands off this journal, but it will still be here just for kicks.
I still maintain my personal blog however, so add tsubaki_ if you wish.

Figured everything i needed there, so i'll be rolling out all my anime related
entries there. I do hope you guys will continue to support my anime blog ^^

Till then, see you all at Anime Desho Desho?


I made my wordpress blog already, so do check it out-

Anime desho desho?

It's still new, so give it a couple of days. I won't be porting my entries over
since i want to start a new slate there, so expect to see some repeats.
Not all though.

Spending whore.

Went down to Bugis, and i broke my wallet again. My friend was telling me
that i should avoid Bugis because whenever i go there, i always buy something
back. Lol. I can't help it since Sim Lim Square [IT mall to buy computer related
stuff] and Sunshine Plaze [Mini Akihabara of Singapore] are there.

So i bought a brand new 300GB hdd for SGD$159. I missed the $155 deal
at the IT fair convention a couple of days back, but at least i have SLS
was selling it at only $4 dollars more.

Also i bought another NexStar 3 external hdd casing. Lol this time i got
the blue one. So i have the red and the blue sitting on my computer desk now.
Lovely. I'll need the black one to complete the whole set. Lol.

Ah, the reason why i need a new HDD is because... my 200GB HDD is
almost packed. It's all because of this season's releases >.>

Also went down to Sunshine Plaza to pick up July's Hobby Japan
and bought the Mai-HiME 1/8 Mai Tokiha PVC figure. Wanted to get
Demonbane's Al Aziz but i blew too much in a day, so i'll wait for another day.
Besides, my pre-orders for Black Saber and Hikaru should be coming soon.
Will need to pay off the remaining amount.

~.~ I'm so broke. Gah.

And also, i been planning to move this blog to wordpress. I want to start
doing editorials instead of per episode reviews since the number of animes
i have just requires too much time.

When i find the time to move, i'll let you guys know the new URL.

Marathon: Fate/stay Night ep 22, Ouran High School Host Club ep 9

Fate/Stay Night gives me a mix vibe now. I'm annoyed by how they rushed
so much especially the battle scenes and loving every moment of the moe
side of Saber.

I guess with this episode, it's pretty much no brainer as to what is going
to happen in the next 2 episodes. Everything has already been revealed.
I doubt there's going to be a twist.

Unless they decide to throw in a Sakura/Rider arc. Lol.

Ouran ep 9 was so bloody funny. I was laughing at the "changes" the host
went through just to convince Haruhi to stay. Hahahaha. Renge never fails
to make me laugh with her motorized entry. Hahahah. She looks really cute
in this episode too. Her in a Kimono is love. XD

Okay. Pausing my marathon for now. sora_nao is demanding i return back
to Granado Espada. Lol.

Marathon: Black Lagoon ep 6,7,8 and Demonbane ep 2

So far i have watched ep 6,7,8 of Black Lagoon and ep 2 of Demonbane.
A little bit of opinion of Black Lagoon. Ep 6's killing spree of Revy just pwns.
The little face of with Dutch was cool as well.

Ep 7 was probably the best Rock episode ever. Finally seen the real side
of him, and he's just awesome. Can't wait for him to pick up a gun actually.
The way he broke down his observations of the Sister's illiegal operations,
is just fantastic. Practically like a seasoned pro. Oh yeah, Sisters + Guns +
dealing in drugs and firearms = LOVE. HAHAHA. That's some shit you won't
see in Sister Act. Lmao.

Ep 8's killing machine french meido = LOVE. Though she kinda lacks the
moe feel. Lmao. Ah well, nothing beats Wilhemina. Lmao. And now, i need
episode 9 to feel the carnage.

On a side note, Shinsen is doing a great job in subbing Black Lagoon. They
never hold back on the vulgarities, which adds to that badass element of
Black Lagoon.

And Demonbane is kinda disappointing. The animation quality isn't that
fantastic, and the mecha designs are really ugly. Also watching it makes
me feel like i'm watching some shounen anime >.> So much for it being
a H-game.

However, Al Aziz and the other grimoires are worth watching and dying for.
Lolis ftw. Hahaha. And now, i have to go find the game. Probably have to
ask sora_nao whether he has the HCG for it or not. Lololol.

And now, i have FSN, Ouran, School Rumble, Soul Link, Strawberry Panic,
Haruhi, Utawarerumono and Witchblade.

If you noticed, i'm watching them in alphabetically orders. Oh btw, i skipped
a couple of series. Those are the not so important ones yet.


Going on a major anime marathon now. Need to clear as much as possible.
Won't do reviews per episodes unless it's an episode i really want to talk

I just found out that i have 32 unwatched episodes. Omfg.

Die die die.


Click here for the larger version

I haven been studying. There's i failed so many subjects. Look at all the
red color failed labels. Some subjects are even failed twice.

Hahaha. The list of unwatched animes piles up just because a took a couple
of days off to play Granado Espada. Will need to clear them asap. Probably
Tuesday since i'm off.

Work today will be hell. Working full shift from 7am to 11pm. Yes. More then
12 hours. >.>

School Rumble Semester 2 ep 8

Is it me or is School Rumble becoming less funny? While this episode has its
usual funny moments, it's a little dry at the end. Doesn't give the usual ooomph
factor that i get after every episode. Or maybe it's just basketball that annoys
me. Hahaha.

I'm more of a soccer fan anyway, and in singapore soccer fans and basketball
fans don't get along together. Because there's always a million over basketball
courts around, but there's so little for street soccer courts. So much for the
government's goal of bringing singapore's soccer into the international scene.

Lmao, okay i better stop before i start going into the whole world cup fever.

I'm wondering how the hell am i going to juggle anime and the world cup as
well as my work. ~.~ *insert kyon's slapping face expression*

Nothing really much to comment in this episode since it's like a build up to
the following, though i really laughed when Lala was nicknamed GORI.
Hahahaha. That just knocked me off my seat.

5 more episodes before season 2 ends, and i'm starting to worry already.
The withdrawal symptoms will creep in once it ends. And it hurts like hell.
I know because Mai-Otome, Shakugan no Shana hit me really hard. Lol.

Ah well, enough to random chatter.

Let's just hope for the best for the next episode.